Wine 101 Class at House Wine

I am often asked by couples about what wines they should serve at their wedding.  Instead of leading them down the very wrong path, I send them over to Donnie at House Wine in Worthington.  He’s super knowledgeable and friendly and has helped some of my couples come up with some lovely pairings in the past including one awesome champagne tasting for Nancy and Doug’s wedding.

If you want to learn more about wine – whether for dinner pairings or just for general knowledge – you can join Donnie for Wine 101 Class!  Here’s some details:

So you’re a casual wine drinker and want to learn more about wine? This class is perfect for you. Join House Wine owner and Certified Sommelier Donnie Austin for a small, intimate gathering of tasting wines and learning what’s behind the juice. You’ll walk away from the class armed with the basics to enjoy and explore wine even more. 

The class will consist of tasting and learning about sparkling, white, rose, red, and fortified wines. You’ll be armed with what you need to know about how these wines are made, the main varietals, terminology, tasting and more so you can enjoy wine even more. You can walk away from the class actually knowing more than the person at the party who seems to know everything about wine. The class will include open discussion and questions that make the class even more worthwhile. The feel of the class is very casual and interactive, keeping with the tradition of House Wine. 

The cost of the class is $39 per person. Only 12 people will be allowed in the class, and cheese and crackers will be served to enjoy with the wines. You’ll be given a handout with the information covered in the class and for you to take notes. The class will last approximately two hours.

The class is perfect for wine novices, whether it’s you or as a gift to the someone in your life interested in wine.

Class is February 5th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at House Wine in Worthington.  Guys, if you want to REALLY wow your fiancé, take this class, cook her dinner on Valentine’s Day and surprise her with the perfect wine pairings.  I promise, she’ll love it!

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