Why do boxes takes up so much room?

I am still alive! The last 3 weeks have been more than a little hectic but there is light finally peaking through all the boxes and paper and moving debris that surround me – plus, we finally have cable and internet hooked up (the unpacking seems to go a bit more quickly with background noise).

My Mom and Dad were in town all last week helping with painting, wallpaper stripping, cleaning, repair and renovation. My Aunt, as well as some of our friends, joined the party to help with painting two weekends ago as well.

I left on Thursday for a weekend conference in Baltimore for Wedding Planners – got to see a lot of friends and made some wonderful new ones as well. It is always fun to get away with the girls (and one guy, hi Mark!) and talk about what is going on with weddings in different areas. Came back with some great ideas and some fun things to try – things Columbus has not even dreamt of yet!

Had a terrible time trying to get home – Northwest Airlines owes me big time!

The movers arrived on Monday and we have been unpacking ever since!

Thank you to everyone for the kind notes, the worried notes, the stalking (Grace) and the general love!

Lots of pictures and stories to come but for now, I should really go unpack the rest of the kitchen.

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