When showerheads attack!

I am sitting in Panera partaking in a bagel and free wi-fi access (our internet and cable won’t be installed for another couple of weeks – too much going on around the house).

We are making good progress on the house so far. Basically we are dismanteling the family room and then putting it back together without the 70’s paneling and ceiling beams. A before picture with the previous owner’s things:

You can see the beams on the ceiling but probably cannot tell that the walls are texture painted (almost a stucco-y type of substance) over wallpaper which is over the original, hard-as-a-rock, ever-so-attractive 70’s era wood paneling.

We are about half way through the demolition – some pictures:

The ceiling after with one beam down, 3 to go – we were very happy to find that the only damage to the ceiling was the holes from the bolts holding the beams up – no other damage so a good coat of paint should take care of the discoloration:

The ceiling once all the beams were gone:

On to the walls!
The first strips of paneling down – much harder to do than anticipated:

And the current condition of the room – about half the paneling is gone, but the rest of tricky because of outlets, light switches and alarm boxes:

Now, you may be wondering why the title of this post is “When Showerheads Attack” but I haven’t mentioned showerheads. Well, this morning Randy got up for work and for some reason kept shutting the water off and then turning it on while showering. This is not normally how a shower is taken so I was curious. Well, the previous owners had those handheld shower heads with hoses rather than fixed shower heads.

I had planned to remove them ASAP anyway but the fact that the head of the hose pops off at the slightest touch, causing water to shoot directly at the ceiling, soaking the whole bathroom in the process just sped that up. Maybe the house didn’t like we were tearing things down?

Off to Home Depot for a new shower head. Have a lovely weekend!

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