What the Huskers mean to Buckeye weddings

A head’s up to all you Big Ten brides – the addition of Nebraska to the Big Ten (as of this evening) could throw a monkey wrench into your plans.  If you are getting married in the fall, in a city like Columbus (or Ann Arbor or East Lansing or Madison or Lincoln), you likely have taken whether the game that weekend is home or away into consideration and for good reason!  Hotels fill up, certain places are off limits for pictures and some locations are off limits too (no weddings at the OSU Union or Blackwell Hotel on OSU’s campus on football Saturdays for instance).  So, what does Nebraska joining the Big Ten mean to brides?

*2010 brides should be fine – no change to this year’s schedule as of yet but don’t freak out if the bye week gets filled in with the Huskers.
*2011 brides…throw the published schedule out the window because they are going to be some changes to it to accommodate Nebraska.  The good news is the changes will probably come down the line relatively quickly.  If you already have your wedding planning under way, just know that even if you planned your wedding on an away game weekend, you might wind up getting married on a home game weekend.  Just be prepared to be a little on the flexible side and it will be fine.

My final thought on the subject: GO SPARTANS!!!  And I will throw in a Go Buckeyes! for my adopted hometown of Columbus.

2 Responses to “What the Huskers mean to Buckeye weddings”

  1. heidzillas Says:

    Great observation Emilie! A lot of my brides up north watch the OSU schedule, too, because so many guests want to be able to watch the game and not be in a ceremony or reception 🙂

  2. General Says:

    Texas seems to be playing their hand close the their chest right now. The remaining Big 12 South schools will go wherever they go (except A&M might join SEC) and poor Baylor is shut out in the cold. For their sakes (and Iowa State in the North) I hope Texas decides to remain a big 12 member