Welcome to the BookShelf!

Something new here on the blog!

I have a bookshelf full of wedding and event related books with subjects ranging from planning a wedding incorporating different ethnic and religious traditions to selecting the perfect diamond to drink recipe books to basic entertaining ideas. Last count was 452,603 books (now bear in mind that figure comes from Randy who may be exaggerating just a titch.)

Anyway, people see all the books I have and ask me which ones are good, which ones are worth buying or at least checking out of the library, which ones are a waste of time. In honor of those questions, I have decided to start the BookShelf. From time to time, I will post my reviews of different wedding and event planning books in my collection. Hopefully this will help you select which books should be in your collection and which ones should be avoided like Tostios with a touch of lime flavor (I just tried these and hate them, don’t buy those either.)

Let me know if there are any books in particular that you would like to hear about!

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