Weird 2012 Weather Might Equal Flower Troubles

I don’t think anyone can deny the weather this winter has been weird – especially in Ohio!  We’ve had basically no snow and it was 80+ degrees in March.  Color me confused but not too upset I didn’t have to pull out the boots this year!

If you have your heart set on certain flowers for your wedding pay attention – that especially means all you ranunculus and peony lovers!  Look outside – see those tulips and daffodils already in bloom?  They’re early this year because of the wacky weather – it stands to reason that other flower growing seasons might be affected too.  Given this fact, there is a chance that some brides who are on the tail end of the traditional growing seasons might be out of luck.

On the flip side, if you were told by your florist that your wedding is too early for certain flowers, this weather might have worked in your favor!

Now bear in mind that all this really only applies to truly seasonal flowers.  Many varieties of flowers – roses, orchids, lilies, hydrangea, daisies and freesia to name a few – are year round flowers and so growing seasons won’t affect them.

Either way, make sure to talk to your florist about what they are seeing from their suppliers and whether the flowers you want are still going to be available for your wedding.  Have the conversation well in advance of your wedding day so you aren’t disappointed then.

And please remember – unless your florist is named Mother Nature, it isn’t their fault!  Getting angry with them isn’t going to do you a bit of good but if you are understanding, they will be more likely to try and pull a rabbit (or a peony) out of their hat.

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