So, you know that moment on a holiday when you’re done eating and Grandpa has passed out and you’re sort of bored but no one is online to chat with because they are all at their Aunt Myrtle’s house having dry turkey and jello mold?  Well this year, you are in luck because I have a new distraction for you!

I am sure you already know about Pintrest (which I still love, love, love!) but I also just discovered the “gawkerverse” – a family of sites sort of like Pintrest but each is narrowly categorized: – all weddings, all the time. – all yum, all the time. – all home, all the time. – all crafty, all the time. (my personal obsession right now because I just don’t have enough projects that I will never finish on my eleventy billion item long DIY to-do list!)

My only issue is it appears you have to make a new login for each of the 4 sites which is v. v. annoying.  I do love that one click takes you straight to the source so you don’t go through another several pages to get to the goods!

Between Pintrest and the gawkerverse, you have no excuse to be bored on Turkey Day this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Tracy Dapp Says:

    Thanks for sharing this new obession! I love Pinterest as well and just signed up for wedding gawker and oh boy that is going to be just as addicting! 🙂