We are all adults here…right?

For only the second time in my career, I was stood up for an initial meeting last week.  This bride called me, scheduled a same day meeting, called me back and put it off by a day and then stood me up with no call or email.  Needless to say, that was a bit annoying!  Why am I sharing this?  Because the few vendors I have mentioned it to have noted that this seems to be happening more and more.  Therefore, I think there are some things that need to be addressed with regard to scheduling/meeting with and hiring/not hiring vendors.  A few things I would like brides and grooms to know:

*If you can’t make it to a schedule meeting or decide not to attend a meeting – please just let us know! Whether you changed your mind, decided to hire another vendor or have come down a sudden case of malaria, a courtesy call to cancel the meeting is appropriate and appreciated.  We aren’t going to yell at you when you cancel and there is no reason to be embarrassed – I promise!  Many wedding vendors either work from home or have set hours/days that we set aside to hold appointments.  If you don’t show up, we have likely turned down another client meeting or at the very least, given up time we could have been working with or on things for our other clients! For many of us, we may have had to arrange childcare as well.

Thinking about it another way: if you had an interview for a job and the hiring manager didn’t show up, you would be annoyed, right?  You would probably call your friends and rant about how rude that manager is to have stood you up with no phone call, no explanation or apology!  You would be pretty ticked off for someone wasting your time, right?  So, how is it any different for wedding vendors?  You are basically the hiring manager for your wedding.

A 25 second phone call – 1 minute tops if you get voice mail – would save everyone a lot of annoyance and it would mean that your name would not be added to the Central Database of Couples to Avoid (CDCA)!***

*If you decide to hire someone else, please just let us know! I know that confrontation is never fun – it just isn’t.  And most people don’t like dealing with situations where they may hurt someone’s feelings but I am going to share a little known secret: wedding vendors are adults and rejection is part of this job!  We don’t take things like someone not signing with us personally.

I have said it a million times – I firmly believe that there is a wedding planner out there for everyone.  There are quite a few couples that I am NOT that wedding planner and that is okay.  I don’t want to be everyone’s wedding planner – I just want to work with the couples who I click with and who want to work with me.  Deciding to focus on quality over quantity makes me better at what I do.

Don’t forget, if we met and you weren’t into it, we probably weren’t either – just shoot us an email and let us know that you went with someone else especially if the vendor tells you they are holding the day for you for a certain amount of time.  Don’t be shocked if you get an email back asking who did you hire – not trying to be nosy or contrary but I want to know who you did end up with and why.  It just makes me a better planner in the long run.

To sum up – be an adult and communicate, even especially when it is potentially awkward.  Just do it – don’t make me add your name to the CDCA.***

***Just kidding!  There is no CDCA but don’t think that vendors don’t share names of couples who are exceptionally rude, unrealistic, plain old inconsiderate or those who should probably not be allowed outside unattended.  Not going to lie, we do.

3 Responses to “We are all adults here…right?”

  1. bo Says:

    good work, emilie. getting married or not, it’s just plain common courtesy.

  2. Elena Says:

    CDCA? I love it 🙂

  3. heidzillas Says:

    LOL at CDCA. Well said to all of it!