Washington DC Trip Recap – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Washington DC trip recap – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 22, 23, 24 & 25.

Tuesday, August 22
Tuesday we got up and headed to the National Building Museum – this was something that Randy was very excited to see being in construction and all. The night before the season finale of NBC’s show Treasure Hunters was filmed in the museum and so there was still a lot of stuff from that around. There was a stage covering the fountain that usually dominates the middle of the main floor. The building itself was simply beautiful and I recommend going to see it even if you don’t look at the exhibits (which even Randy admitted were a little disappointing). The columns are among the tallest in the world and really very pretty:
Picture 001Picture 002

We had 2:30 admission tickets to the Holocaust Memorial Museum but wouldn’t have had any problem getting in without them as it was pretty empty. The Museum is very well done, very moving, and very powerful. I would encourage it be high on everyone’s list of things to see. However, I did almost tell off a family of 4 – the whole place is pretty solumn and quiet and they were anything but. The parents were just as guilty as the kids – some people should not be allowed in public. I loved this poster outside the Museum:
THINK (the next time you see injustice) ABOUT (the next time you witness hatred) WHAT (the next time you hear about genocide) YOU SAW:
Picture 005

In addition to information about the Holocaust, the Museum had information about the sitaution in Sudan. If you don’t know anything about it, google “Sudan Darfur” – if you watched ER at all last season, the show focused a lot on Darfur and the crisis going on there even now. It is modern day genocide. It is horrifying. It needs more attention. It MUST be stopped.

Wednesday, August 23
We got up in the morning and had the first (of many) issues with our hotel – the ceiling in the bathroom was leaking. We went downstairs and found that breakfast in the restaurant (which was included in our room rate) was not available and wouldn’t be for the last 3 days of the trip. Annoying to say the least.

We headed out to The International Spy Museum which was well done but way too crowded. We would have enjoyed it more if they hadn’t packed so many people in at the same time! I am proud to say, I kept my cover and was allowed to leave the ‘country.’

From there we headed to the American and Natural History Museums. The AHM is closing after Labor Day and many of the exhibits are already closed in anticipation of the renovation – that was disappointing. Once we left there, we headed to the Natural History Museum and saw the Hope Diamond! It was beautiful. The center stone is a gorgeous blue and the white diamonds surrounding it and lining the necklace are just flawless:
Picture 007Picture 010

We got back to the hotel and changed rooms due to the leak and were told to order room service in lieu of breakfast at the restaurant.

We ended the day with a really wonderful dinner at 21P in DuPont Circle. The food and service were great and I highly recommend it – as a bonus, our waitress didn’t wander off once!

Thursday, August 24
Woke up the next morning expecting room service but they never picked up the door hanger! We called and ordered breakfast. It was delivered incorrectly. *sigh*

I really wanted to visit the zoo and see the pandas. We grabbed the metro to the National Zoo and got a few pictures of them:
Picture 012Picture 015

I absolutely love the gorillas, apes and orangutans so we spent a good deal of time in those areas. This guy was my favorite and he was flirting with me! He was sitting by a window gave me kisses through the glass. I would put ‘kiss’ the glass (no, I never actually touched it with my lips) and he would do the same on the other side:
Picture 036Picture 037
I know he could rip my arms off with no problem if he wanted to but he had the most soulful eyes – I wanted to take him home. I don’t know how he and Truman the Dog would get along though.

After the zoo, we made a trip to the National Archives to accomplish number 14 on the 101 list:
14. See the Constitution in Washington DC
I would have pictures of the Constitution but a nasty woman hindered that so here are a few pictures of the Declaration of Independance instead:
Picture 039Picture 038
Another Thing off the list!

Friday, August 25
After being assured on Thursday night that breakfast would be available in the restaurant, we went downstairs to find it closed again. Then we had to wait half an hour for our car because “a truck making a delivery to the hotel” was parked in front of it. Why the truck wasn’t moved is beyond me! All the little things that were wrong at the hotel compounded to be beyond annoying to just plain ridiculous. Too bad because the hotel itself was really pretty cool!

Another 9 hour drive and we got home to Lexington Friday evening.

It was a very nice vacation and sadly, the first one we have taken since our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago!

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