Vendor Conversation with Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Julie

Phone: 614.252.3882

How did Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Julie come to be?
I started my business shortly after my own wedding. By training, I do social work, but lost my job due to funding issues (gotta love working for the government), so my husband told me to do something fun. I really enjoyed working in the wedding industry so I stayed there. I started just doing calligraphy and addressing, but then added the invitation side as the two aspects are very complimentary to eachother.

What lines do you carry?
I carry many different lines so I can have something for most any budget. Some examples are Checkerboard, Sweet Pea Designs, Ink Well (including their new and beautiful monogram album), NuArt, Birchcraft, Pen at Hand to name a few….

Talk to me about trends in invitations – What are you seeing now that you love?
The trend right now is timeless with a twist. People want traditional but with a lot of their own personalities thrown in. They want an invitation or program they can hang on the wall and not worry that their kids are going to make fun of them for it in 20 years.

At what stage of planning should a couple start working with you?
The earlier the better to start working together, but it really depends on what services we are working on together. Save the dates should go out about six months prior to the event, and invitations six to eight weeks beforehand. It takes a few weeks to order the products, get the proof and approve it, print your invitations, and then get them shipped. Most companies will do rush orders, but you can save a lot of headaches (and some dollars too) by thinking a step ahead. Whether a hostess uses me or someone else, leave extra time for the addressing/ calligraphy as it can take a few weeks up to a month depending on quantity and time of year.

What can couples do to make sure they are prepared for your first meeting?
I love a couple that has an open mind, but has some idea of what they are looking for at the same time. Have some wording ideas, and have talked to all of the necessary people (parents, step-parents, etc) to make sure everyone is on the same page. I will help with etiquette issues, but I cannot tell you if your step- parent is going to have hurt feelings if they are not listed on the invitation.

What is your average price range?
It is really difficult to give an average price range as there are so many variables, but I can do a wedding with 100 invitations starting for about $250. Calligraphy services start at $1.25 for an envelope set (an inner and outer envelope).

Why should brides choose to work with you?
Brides (and grooms and mothers) enjoy working with me because of all of my personal touches. I work out of my home so I have an extremely flexible meeting schedule. I also offer a lot of services to be “one-stop shopping” to make the invitation process as pain-free as possible. I will help with save the dates, invitations, addressing, mailing, thank you notes, programs, seating cards and so much more for extremely competitive prices. I am also able to help with etiquette issues. If I help with invitations and calligraphy, I offer a discount on products (up to 20%). Plus, I am just a really cool person. 🙂

One last question – describe your perfect day.
My perfect day…. hmmm…. a day hanging out and having an adventure with my husband and our two year daughter (preferably without any temper tantrums from any of us), and my soon to be born child. I love watching my daughter explore and have a new experience (although it is also pretty nice watching her face light up when we watch her favorite Elmo movie too (All Star Alphabet)).

Julie and I had this conversation a few weeks ago and since then the answer to the last question needs to be updated a smidge to include a new family member – Emily Samara was born last week. Congratulations to Julie and her hubby Brad as well as the new big sister!

Thanks to Julie for answering my questions. Watch for my chat with Danielle from Postmarked tomorrow.

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