Vendor Conversation with Seedlings

Website: Seedlings
Phone: 614.316.0470.

How did Seedlings come to be?
I’ve always been in love with design; with combining different visual elements to create something new and different. That love made me pursue a graphic design education and career, and when helping my brother plan his wedding, designing his invitations seemed like a fantastic gift to him. Seeing guests’ reactions to how much they suited my brother and his fiance as well as the style of their wedding made me want to help other brides create invitations that truly reflected them.

How would you describe the style of invitations that you create?
Modern with a fun and elegant flair. I would say my style is for the bride that wants something unique and something that is going to help set the tone for her wedding.

Talk to me about trends in invitations – What are you seeing now that you love?
What I love now is that brides are being more adventurous with their style. They are incorporating bold colors, funky patterns and are open to some fun new formats like accordian folds and invitations that mail in boxes instead of envelopes. It’s so refreshing to have a bride who says “let’s see what you can come up with,” that’s a dream for any designer.

At what stage of planning should a couple start working with you?
I like to meet with couples at least 2 months before their mail date so we can explore some different designs and really get into the details of creating their perfect invitation. I can absolutely work in a shorter time frame if necessary, but 6-8 weeks before they have to be in the mail allows us to work together without being pressured.

What can couples do to make sure they are prepared for your first meeting?
There’s no real preparation necessary for our first meeting, it’s more of a meet and greet so they can get a feel for my style and me for theirs. I have tons of sample designs for them to look through, but they are welcome to bring any pictures they have found in magazines or online that they feel represents the overall look they are trying to achieve for their big day.

What is your average price range?
Since the nature of my business is so custom, prices vary greatly based on the design and embellishments used, but I try and work with the budget of the bride to create something fantastic.

Why should brides choose to work with you?
What I love is being able to design something that can’t be found in a book or online and is one hundred percent created as a visual representation of the couple I’m working with. Whether it’s a floral design based on the bride’s bouquet or an elegant pattern inspired by the beading on the bride’s wedding dress, I love having the freedom to create anything the couple may want to help bring a custom and cohesive look to their wedding.

One last question – describe your perfect day.
I’m so boring. My perfect day would be to sleep in until mid-morning (which never happens with a 13-week old boxer puppy), come downstairs, curl up on the couch with my husband and our dogs and watch movies all day. Makes me happy just thinking about it!

Thanks to Jenny for answering my questions. Watch for my chat with Julie from Sign, Sealed, Delivered by Julie tomorrow.

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