Vendor Conversation with Paper Occasions

Website: Paper Occasions
Phone: 614-761-8880

How did Paper Occasions come to be?
It started out with Kim Price using her great talents doing some family wedding invitations–and it just took off and grew from there!

How would you describe the style of invitations that you create?
Being custom–we would have to say that just about “anything” goes–we can create anything from the most basic, soft elegant to the high end–all out with color/design invitations–whatever your needs are–we can do it!

Talk to me about trends in invitations – What are you seeing now that you love?
COLOR! This IS the year to use color–never have we had so many of our vendors send us new bright colors–and lots of pattern colors as well–if you ever wanted to try color–this is the year! Color is young and alive!

At what stage of planning should a couple start working with you?
From the beginning of your wedding–if possible. We can help a lot in deciding your colors and just how much or little color you want to carry through your whole wedding. We make free samples so this helps brides decide early on if the colors of their dreams really are the colors they want to use through out their wedding.

What can couples do to make sure they are prepared for your first meeting?
Bring in any color swatches or designs that they might have–some brides know just what they want while others need more of our help–but we are always here and more than glad to use all of our expertise to help!

What is your average price range?
Our COMPLETE invitations come with all necessary cards–all envelopes and we print the return address on the reply envelopes and the outside envelope back flap with prices from $5.50 to 10.50 for the complete unit. Also you only have to buy the exact amount you need–you don’t have to buy extras that you might not need.

Why should brides choose to work with you?
Because being custom, we can offer it all really–we have hundreds of colors of papers/ribbons/styles to choose from and have over 5 years experience in helping hundreds of brides “make” the invitation of their dreams! We end up spending hours working just for you to create an invitation that you will be proud to send to your guests and we offer friendly service–always willing to work with the bride and her family all that we can–we love making our brides happy!

One last question – describe your perfect day.
It starts out with lots of phone messages and emails from brides making appointments–many brides come in to either pick-up their samples or orders and all of them sound/look excited–it makes us happy to see them happy! We’re here to work for you and make your wedding start out with the perfect invitation!

Thanks to Kim for answering my questions.

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