Useful Tool: Pinterest

I Twitter.

A lot.

I get my news, my gossip, updates from friends and colleagues across the country and lately Twitter seems to be the place that I find all the new things that people are playing with.  The newest fun thing to come down the line is Pintrest.

Pintrest is a virtual corkboard of sorts and would be a FANTASTIC place for brides and grooms to save the things they love – let’s be honest, you spend your lunch hour (and your unofficially extended lunch hour as well) surfing for ideas for your wedding, right? If you are surfing on a WORK computer, bookmarking those pages or pictures won’t do you much good when you are at home trying to remember where you saw that amazing bouquet.  Use Pintrest instead and you’ll have access to those pretty pictures and things you love from any internet connection. Plus you can share them with whomever you would like so sharing bridesmaid dress options just got easy-peasy!

It is super simple to get started and use too:
Step One: Sign up. Unless you get an invite you’ll have to request one – you can do that here: or drop me a line and I will send you one too.
Step Two: Set up your account and create boards. Maybe create one for florals, one for dresses, one for favor ideas – you get the picture.
Step Three: Drag the ‘Pin It’ link to your toolbar and start clicking it whenever you see something you want to save.

Want to see what I am pinning over? (Yes, that was a bad pun) Here you go:

Follow Me on Pinterest

Have fun!!

2 Responses to “Useful Tool: Pinterest”

  1. kortni Says:

    thank you SO much for this! i am OBSESSED with pinterest now!!! but how do i follow you?? when i click on that link it just brings me to my page. and i can’t find you when i search for you

  2. emilieduncan Says:

    Hmmm…that is a good question. Try this link: