Things your DJ wishes you knew

So far, so good!  Here are some things that your DJ wishes you knew:

*Just because you have a friend or a friend of a friend is a DJ doesn’t mean he’s a good DJ…or a professional one.  Do your homework, don’t rely on a groomsmen to pull of the entertainment for the most important day of your life.  There is WAY more than equipment that goes into being a good DJ and MC.

*Craigslist is NOT a good source for a quality DJ product.  To prove this fact, visit and look up a few of those Craiglist DJs – are they listed?  Do they have any reviews?  Or take a look at who won’s ‘best of’ awards for the last few years.  Craigslist DJ posters are generally rookies at best.  It’s not worth the risk.

*The iPod wedding has been in the news lately, unfortunately.  There are a couple of reasons why having the iPod be your DJ may not be the best idea.  You will likely spend hours programming it and timing out exactly which songs will play when but what if you go off schedule?  What if dinner takes longer than expected or the service is amazing and dinner is really fast?  A DJ will make certain that the music matches what you are doing – i.e. no ‘You Shook me All Night Long” during dad’s toast – an iPod won’t.  You can spend hours programming it, making sure you love the songs but what if no one else does?  A DJ will read the crowd and help keep the dance floor packed – an iPod won’t.   Even if you have someone ‘running’ the iPod and playing MC, there will likely be gaps between songs as the next one loads and any long intros to songs will be out there (dead air at a wedding is never a good thing).  And if the iPod breaks?  You are likely out of luck.  Professional DJs bring backup equipment to every wedding.

*Just because you only see us behind our console for 4-6 hours working, doesn’t mean we don’t work a 8-10 hour day to fulfill your event requirements.  Load in, set up, tear down, load out all make for a LONG evening.  That doesn’t include all the time we spend before the event making sure we have all the special requests and songs that you want for your wedding day.

*Please be aware that just because you order us DJ’s/Band members the same meal as your guests, it doesn’t mean your caterer is going to give it to us.  Sometimes even if you pay for the same meal we will get the dreaded turkey club and chips.  Chalk it up to a mistake or even a scam, just be sure you double check with your caterer what they will be serving and tell your vendors so they know what to expect – that way you are all getting what was paid for.

*The success of a dance floor is not 100% the responsibility of the entertainment.  A lot of what keeps a dance floor dull all night is the family and friends the bride and groom invite.  No party likes a stick-in the mud or downers.  When the families blend well together, the dance floor will stay full.  Also, the party will follow the bride and groom – want a packed dance floor?  Get out there yourself!

*Every bride and groom has their favorite songs but those songs may not always be best for a wedding.  Just because you like them doesn’t mean the other 200 people in attendance will want to dance to it as well.  Let the DJ or band you hire help steer you to a good mix of music.  Please don’t be offended by our advice – we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t over the years.

*If you see us with a glass with a straw in, please don’t assume that we are having a cocktail!  Don’t give us the stink eye for drinking pop.  I know some DJs who only drink bottled water to avoid looking like they are drinking alcohol – I happen to like Diet Coke.

*DJ’s/Band Leaders are also the go to MC for any special event.  As with the rest of your vendors, it is best to request that we be fed our meals right after the head table.  This way when your ready to go on to the next formailty, we are ready too.  Serve the vendors before a majority of your guests…not 20 minutes after everyone else is done with their meal.

*The dirty version of any song is not appropriate for ANY wedding.  Save those requests for the fraternity parties, I am not going to play Stanky Leg at your wedding.

*Try to relax!  You hired a professional, now let us do the work.  Micro-managing your DJ never works out for the best.  Let the DJ you hire run the event – let him/her do their thing.  Hand picking every song from start to finish NEVER creates a fun, lively atmostphere.  The event becomes too RIGID.  DJ’s are good with flexibilty.  Just let the night happen and have some fun!

Thanks to my DJ friends who contributed – I appreciate it!  Tomorrow we will be talking to Florists about things they wish you knew!

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