The Royal Wedding: Trends We’ll Likely See

The brand new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Catherine have said their vows, have shared their cake and have danced the night away so what impact will their wedding have on future weddings?  Some trends I think we might see emerge from the big wedding:

*Dresses with sleeves. Whether you liked Kate’s formal long lace sleeved gown or Pippa’s short sleeved form fitted number, I think the Middleton sisters proved that sleeves can still work for wedding and bridesmaid gowns!

*Brides leaving their hair down. Kate’s hair was loose and flowing in a demi-chignon and it suited her perfectly.  I hope more brides will follow suit and realize that sometimes an up-do isn’t a must-do.

*Non-diamond engagement rings. Kate’s engagement ring is an 18 carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds that used to belong to William’s mother, Diana.  “Saying it with diamonds” is a largely diamond industry driven tradition and there are other stones that are lovely on the left ring finger as well.

*Small bouquets. Kate’s bouquet of lily of the valley, sprig of myrtle and sweet williams was petite and understated.  The bouquet didn’t take away from the dress in any way and while it wasn’t my favorite, it was lovely!

*Local and in-season flowers. Kate could have had absolutely any flower she wanted whether in-season or not but she went with all UK grown flowers that were in season.  Environmentally friendly and beautiful.

*Meaningful and unexpected touches. The eight tiered wedding cake was made up of 17 individual fruit cakes and decorated with 17 varieties of sugar flowers, each with their own meaning.  Kate was very specific about which flowers she wanted included which I love – each meant something to her and/or the UK as the flowers of all 4 countries she’ll eventually be queen of were represented as well.

Here a trend I REALLY hope we see come from the Royal Wedding…

*Keeping some things quiet. In this day of Facebook and Twitter and blogs and wedsites, it is so easy to share every detail of the big day before it even happens.  Here is hoping that Kate’s keeping her dress a total secret gives other brides permission to keep a few cards close to the vest until the wedding day.

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