The Royal Wedding: Dessert

Kate and Wills will each have their own cakes at the Royal Wedding:

The bride’s wedding cake will be a multi-tiered fruit cake (very traditional at English weddings) decorated in white and cream icing created by Fiona Cairns.  The baker has kept the final design quiet but has announced that around 16 different flowers and foliage with symbolic meanings will be represented on the cake including the bridal rose {happiness}, the oak and acorn {strength and endurance}, lily of the valley {sweetness and humility} and ivy leaves {marriage and fidelity}.  Sweet William will also make an appearance – and by that we mean flowers although we think the groom is quite sweet on his own.  Floriography, the tradition of using flowers with symbolic meaning, was popular in Victorian times.

The groom’s cake will be a chocolate biscuit cake.  It really isn’t so much a cake as chocolate mousse with crushed up biscuits (crackers or cookies) which is formed into cake shape and then glazed in chocolate.   Apparently this no-bake, chilled cake is a favorite of both William and the Queen.

Now if you weren’t on the list of 600 reception guests, you can still have a little taste of the Royal Wedding locally courtesy of the brill folks over at Jeni’s!  You know we love Jeni’s around here and they have put together an awesome pack of flavors celebrating Kate and Williams’ big day!  From their website:

Ice Creams for the Royal Wedding (and Mother’s Day!)
A Royal Wedding is history being made before our eyes. But, if you can’t be with Prince William and Catherine Middleton in person Friday, April 29, at Westminster Abbey, our procession of limited-edition ice creams will transport you across the pond in majestic style and spirit. Each spirited flavor in the Ice Creams for the Royal Wedding collection is inspired by the refreshing, youthful energy of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Prince William’s Chocolate Biscuit Groom’s Cake
Dark Chocolate ice cream and rich butter biscuits soaked in Lyle’s Golden Syrup, with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Eton Mess
A tip of the hat to a dessert from Prince William’s alma mater, Eton College, it’s royal mess of hand-layered vanilla cream, strawberry sorbet, and raspberry sauce studded with hand-piped meringue stars.

The Royal Wedding Cake
Molasses ice cream with brandied raisins, dates, and pineapple, with lemon zest, walnuts, and traditional spices.

White Stilton on Toast with Champagne-soaked Bilberries
A Royal Champagne Brunch: pungent white Stilton cheese with brown bread crumbs and a generous helping of Champagne-plumped (blueberry-like) bilberries.

I think the Eton Mess sounds delightful personally!  Which pint will you be diving into at 6 am on Friday to watch the Royal to-do?

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