The Royal Wedding: Charity

William and Kate are using their wedding to do some good and have selected 26 (primarily UK based) charities and asked guests to donate to those in lieu of traditional gifts.  These charities are all said to be close to the Future King and Queen’s hearts and include groups benefiting children, local communities, wildlife and military families.

You can visit the Royal Wedding Charity Fund for more information on the charities that Kate and William selected and to donate if you are so inclined.

Now, I am likely safe in guessing that you don’t have a $450 million inheritance awaiting you (hello, Prince William) but if you still want to follow Kate and William’s lead, you could always do a donation to charity in lieu of guest favors.

Pick something close to your heart:

Is your mom a breast cancer survivor (like my awesome mom)?  Susan G. Komen for the Cure or the Stephanie Speilman Fund for Breast Cancer Research would be very meaningful.

If you want to help couples facing terminal illness and life altering circumstances have a beautiful wedding, Wish Upon a Wedding is an incredible organization that I am honored to be a part of.

You are going to be feeding your guests delicious food at your wedding – how about helping feed those less fortunate in your area by donating to a foodbank or free kitchen?  Locally, we LOVE the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and Operation Feed.

If you are an animal lover, your local rescue or the shelter where your own furbaby is from would be a great place to direct your donation.  Locally, the Columbus Dog Connection does great things for homeless pups.

Trust me when I say that guests are not going to miss the little picture frame or the bag of M&Ms.  I promise.

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