Super cool toy/business tool

I get a ton of business cards each year and entering all that info into Outlook so it syncs with my phone ranks right up there with getting my eyebrows waxed – not what I would call fun but seriously necessary. (Side Note: I have a lead on an eyebrow place, call off the search.)

Enter this little gem of a product:

*sigh* Pretty, huh? Doesn’t look like much, I know BUT IT IS.

Simply scan a business card and it takes all the info – the company name, person, title, fax, phone, cell phone, website, email, EVERYTHING and it magically appears in Outlook. It even saves a scan of the business card for reference. It has a glitch or two: extra creative cards sometimes result in some very strange company names and phone numbers but it does pretty darn well – AND overall it is ridiculously faster than me entering all that info. Now it is all at my fingertips, ready to be called upon at a moment’s notice.

Go technology.

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