Site Visit: The Loft at Smith Brothers

(Back in July, I was invited to the private opening of The Loft at Smith Brothers – a new venue in the old Smith Brother’s Hardware building.  Since it is so new, there isn’t a ton of information about it on the web yet and most people haven’t had the chance to visit it yet.  I thought it would be a great kick off for our Site Visit series here on Wedding Planner Unveiled!  Watch for more Site Visits coming soon and if you have any sites you would like to see featured, just drop me a line!)

The Loft at Smith Brothers

The Layout

The Loft is two levels. Downstairs has a large bar, floor to ceiling windows (which let in great light but don’t really provide much of a view – this is an urban location after all), exposed steel beams overhead and polished concrete floors. This is a nice location for pre-dinner cocktail hours and after dinner dancing.


Behind the built in bar, a staircase connects the upstairs and downstairs.  Above the staircase is a very cool modern chandelier.  There is also an elevator on the other side of the room in case some guests cannot navigate the stairs.


The upstairs is the largest part of the venue and where dinner would be held.  Like the downstairs area, it has exposed brick walls, steel beams overhead and nice natural light from the windows but the floor is carpet rather than hard flooring.


The Details

Room Rental Fees
Fridays – $1975
Saturdays – $2475
Sundays – $1000

Catering and Alcohol
While you must select from one of two caterers, either Cameron Mitchell or Zuppa Catering, and you can bring in your own alcohol, there are no minimums. You have control over the menu and the bar so that could be a nice little cost savings.

The Loft says they can seat 230 but I would say 200 would be tight – it really depends on how many you want to seat at each table, i.e. 8 versus 10, and the flow of the party itself like dancing upstairs or downstairs and buffet versus plated dinner.

Included in the Rental Fee
Tables, on site parking and 5 and 1/2 hours of time are included in the rental fee.  Plus one extra thing that I don’t think any other local venues are offering at this point – see those chairs in the upstairs picture above?  Those are Fruitwood Chivari chairs and they are included standard in the room rental fee.  Since those rent for at least 8.75 each from local rental companies, that is a nice little included feature.

Ceremony and/or Reception
You could easily hold both the ceremony and reception on site with a little moving around. I would say that the best flow would be ceremony upstairs, cocktail hour downstairs, dinner upstairs and then back downstairs for dancing. Between each event, the rooms would have to be flipped – ceremony into reception and cocktails into dancing but that is certainly doable.

Indoor and/or outdoor spaces
While the vast majority of the event space at The Loft is indoors, there is a covered patio that you have access to as well. It could be a nice extension of the cocktail hour but it is not within sight line of the rest of the event space (have to wind around a little to get there) and you share it with The Venue.

Contact Info

The Loft at Smith Brothers (They have not updated the website with info for The Loft yet but the contacts are the same)
580 N 4th St
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 464-0700

A big thank you to Nicole Dixon for sharing the photographs!

2 Responses to “Site Visit: The Loft at Smith Brothers”

  1. Alison Grogan Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Emilie! I’ve had a lot of clients ask about this space but had only heard rumors until now. 🙂

  2. Lisa Wieland Says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! THANK YOU sooooo much for these pics!!! I am getting married at The Loft in October, 2010 and there are so few pics available for me to show people. When I say warehouse space everyone has trouble envisioning the concept—-