Site Visit: Scioto Reserve Country Club

I had the pleasure of attending a Columbus Bridal Consultants meeting at the Scioto Reserve Country Club in Powell, Ohio last week.  It has been completely revamped and remodeled into a lovely new wedding venue.  Sorry to say that I have no pictures of the club and there actually aren’t any pictures on the website either but they have architect renderings which will give you some idea of what the space looks like.  I wanted to share my impressions and the details of this new ceremony and reception venue which is hosting its first wedding this month!

Scioto Reserve Country Club

The Layout

The club has a Wedding Garden for outdoor ceremonies – it isn’t quite done but should be completed soon and in full bloom.  Ceremonies will have a backdrop of the waterfall and the area has a view of the golf course.  So many people are looking for outdoor ceremony locations – this could be a very good one.

The reception room is a nice sized space with floor to ceiling windows on half the walls – lots of natural light and views of the golf course.  The room is a little oddly shaped – more rounded with some areas that extend out near the entrance and the bar.  I probably wouldn’t put tables in those areas unless necessary as your guests would feel a little out there.

There is a built in bar area with a large TV that can play a DVDs or regular TV.  Those screens also tie to two large screens which come down from the ceiling in the reception area – great for playing a video or slideshow of the two of you.

One really cool, very well thought out feature of the club is the bride and groom’s rooms.  The restrooms on site are basically large locker rooms with personal lockers for every member of the bridal party to store their belongings.  The ladies room is large and very comfortably appointed with chairs, couches, areas for hair and makeup, etc.  The men’s room has the lockers, chairs and couches, a large TV and a pool table to keep the guys occupied while waiting for the ceremony to begin – as I said, well thought out.

The Details

Wedding Minimums/Fees (valid as of May 1, 2010)
Ceremony: $1200

Wedding Reception Minimums:

April 1 through Thanksgiving:
Friday Evening – $7000
Saturday Afternoon (10:30 am – 4:30 pm) – $8000
Saturday Evening (6 pm – Midnight) – $12,000
Saturday All Day – $16,000
Sunday – $7000

Day after Thanksgiving through March 31:
Friday Evening – $5000
Saturday Afternoon (10:30 am – 4:30 pm) – $6000
Saturday Evening (6 pm – Midnight) – $10,000
Saturday All Day – $14,000
Sunday – $5000

*Sundays on 3 day holiday weekends will have the same minimums as Saturdays.
**These minimums DO NOT include the additional 20% service charge and 6.75% tax – that will be added to the food and beverage totals.

The unique thing about Scioto Reserve is that lots of things can be applied to the minimum – not just your food and beverage total.  You can contribute to your minimum with rehearsal dinners at Scioto Reserve or their sister club, Kinsale, child care at the onsite child care room during your wedding, a one year membership at either Scioto Reserve or Kinsale, rounds of golf, spa days at Kinsale or valet service – I really like this, it means that smaller weddings actually have a chance at hitting the minimums and the cost can be spread out throughout the planning process.

Catering and Alcohol
Food and beverage is all done in house.  Plated meals begin at $32 and go as high as $57 per person – that includes 2 stationary and 3 butlered hors d’oeuvres, bread and butter, coffee, salad, choice of entree and wedding cake from The Cake Studio.  Again, you need to add the additional 20% service charge and 6.75% tax – so for realistic budgeting purposes, the prices range from $40.99 per person to $73.02.

All bar packages are 5 hours and start at $18 per person for a beer and wine only bar package.  It goes up from there to a house package for $23, call package for $28 and $33 for their premium package.  You can also do a host bar based on consumption and be charged per drink instead.  The plus/plus of 20% service and 6.75% tax need to be added to this as well so again, for realistic budgeting the packages would be  $23.06, $29.46, $35.87 and 42.27 respectively.

Scioto Reserve says they can seat 270.  I would say 200 would be tight but I am VERY conservative on space planning – I hate a crowded reception room!  150 to 180 would be very comfortable.  It really depends on how many you want to seat at each table, i.e. 8 versus 10, and how you want to set the room.  Using those off shoots I mentioned would be less than ideal for your guests.  Also, it depends on whether you have a DJ or band, how big you want the dance floor to be.

Included in the Rental Fee
The Ceremony Fee includes ceremony site, rehearsal time, white padded chairs and sound system.

The Wedding Reception minimums include 60″ round tables (comfortable for 8 guests), basic linens in either ivory, white or black (although not floor length), metal Chivari Chairs (they look like fruitwood and the pads are light ivory vinyl but you can easily rent covers for them), other basic tables like DJ and gift tables and a champagne toast for all your guests.

Indoor and/or outdoor spaces
Ceremony could be inside or outside.  An inside ceremony would require a room flip during cocktail hour which would impede on the space you have to play with for cocktails.  Cocktail hour could be inside or out as well but the only reception space is indoors.  I will say the large windows do give lots of light and a nice view so it does feel very open.

I do have to mention the location because while the club is beautiful and would be a nice wedding site – it is really far north.  It is about 8 miles or 15 minutes north of the Sawmill Road exit off 270.  There are no hotels nearby – the closest are actually up in Delaware.  Otherwise, Polaris, Crosswoods or Dublin would be the best choices.  It is a bit of a hike up to the club but if you are doing everything in one spot, it isn’t that big a deal.  I would suggest a shuttles for your guests from the hotels to the club so no one gets lost.

Contact Info

Scioto Reserve Country Club
7383 Scioto Parkway
Powell, Ohio 43065
Phone: (740) 881-9082

Watch for more Site Visits coming soon and if you have any sites you would like to see featured, just drop me a line!

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