Shopping Trip: World Market

{Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating with someone or something (fur babies count too) you love!  If you are a newly engaged bride or groom, welcome and congratulations!  And feel free to drop us a line to get started planning!}

I stopped into World Market today to pick up some mints that I’ve only been able to find locally there – Wilhelmina Peppermints if you are curious – they’re Dutch and I did grow up in Holland, MI.  They sold them in the gift shop at my first job – Windmill Island.  I gave tours of a windmill.  Wearing wooden shoes and a Dutch costume.  And I danced in said wooden shoes and Dutch costume. There are pictures.

But I digress, while wandering around, I noticed a few pieces that would be pretty fantastic for a wedding and wanted to share!  I saw these at the World Market in Dublin, Ohio so check your own store or online to see if they’re available in your local store.

I get a lot of requests for lanterns so when I saw these, I was really excited!


These would be lovely as aisle decor, to mark a path to a tent, or hang from a tree.  They’d even be pretty incorporated into centerpieces.  They had 3 sizes and at my store were $9.99 for the largest, $7.99 for the middle size, and just $2.99 for the smallest lantern.  They already have the black hanger on them so they’d be easy to hang on shepherd’s hooks and they had clear, red, orange, green, aqua/blue, and purple at my store!  Fun, right?


 These made my eyes light up – they are candle holders but the larger one would be a great base for a floral arrangement too!  They are recycled glass so they have a green hue to them.  From largest to smallest, they run $24.99, $19.99, $14.99, and $6.99.  I don’t have sizes on the smallest or the largest but the middle two were 16″ and 12″ – I would guess the tallest was around 24″ tall.


If you are at a venue that doesn’t allow real flame – Columbus Museum of Art and the Ohio Statehouse come to mind – but still want candlelight, LED flameless candles are a great option!  I didn’t know World Market carried them but they actually have lots of sizes!


They had 4 sizes in store and a quick peek online shows they carry 5 in all – I didn’t see the votives (4 for $7.99) but in store there were a set of 4 tealights for $4.99, 3″x3″ pillar for $7.99, 3″x6″ pillar for $9.99, 3″x”9 pillar for $14.99.  Pricey but if you have your heart set on candles in a candle-free venue, they’re an option!

Anyone else been to World Market lately and spotted something fun?  Happy shopping!

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