Searching the database in my head…

As I mentioned last week, I have recently become acquainted enthralled with Myspace. This has caused me to spend time searching through the millions of other Myspace users for long lost friends from grade school, junior high, church camp, high school, windmill island (don’t ask), youth group, internships, summer camp, college, old companies, neighbors, etc.

I find myself thinking of random people from my past in my sleep, while driving to the grocery store, during everyday conversation (Randy is used to me interrupting conversation with random people’s names – why yes, I AM blessed with a patient husband).

I never realized how much random information is stored in my head – for instance, the name of my neighbor when I was 5 years old (Carrie) or my favorite camper from when I was a counselor at YMCA Storer in 1995 (Emily) or my neighbor from grade school (Depali).

Why in the world do I remember these random names and yet I cannot remember what box my paper cutter is in?

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