Repost: Wedding Insurance

I posted this about a month ago but since I was just interviewed about wedding insurance for 10tv in Columbus, I figured I would put it back at the top!  Watch for the story tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15 at 6 pm on Channel 10!

I have recommended wedding insurance in the past but I think it is more important now.  In Columbus recently:

  • A reception venue shut down unexpectedly (one of my clients lost their $5000 deposit!)
  • A long established florist suddenly shut down with no warning.
  • A wedding photographer had a fire in her studio – luckily she was there and saved everything (and had everything backed up elsewhere as any good photog will do) but if she hadn’t been there, pictures might have been lost.

wedsafe travelers

Wedsafe and Traveler’s both offer inexpensive plans that can offer a little peace of mind.  Wedding insurance covers lost deposits if a vendor goes out of business, covers you if something out of your control causes you to postpone or cancel the wedding – like a sudden military deployment, illness of the bride or groom or parents or really severe weather like a hurricane.  It also allows for a photo reshoot should the photos be ruined.  I hate thinking in those terms but sometimes a little forethought can save a lot of heartache.  Speaking of heartache, wedding insurance doesn’t cover a change of heart – if either party backs out, you won’t be covered but most other scenerios are covered.

How much does wedding insurance run?  The most basic policy is about $175 for $7500 of cancellation coverage (also includes other provisions like $1000 for lost deposits) all the way up to about $1000 for $175,000 of cancellation coverage (including $10,000 for lost deposits).  It looks like Travelers is a bit cheaper for the lower end of the spectrum while WedSafe is a better deal if you are on the higher end.

Bottom line is that for the cost of those great shoes you have been drooling over, you could protect your bottom line.  I sincerely hope that no one ever has to use a policy but in this day and age, better to be safe than sorry.


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