Real Bride Chat: Lindsay

Real Bride: Lindsay G.
Wedding Date: May 21
Ceremony and Reception Location: Darby House

How different was your original wedding vision from your actual wedding?

It actually was almost exactly what I envisioned except so much more. There were things that Emilie, my Mom and I found throughout the entire planning process that took the vision I had for my wedding to the next level. It really was the perfect day – which I still can’t quite believe 🙂 So being open to new ideas makes a huge impact at the end of it all…you never really know how it will turn out!

What surprised you most about the planning process?
For me, the planning process was in two big chunks. The first was when you have to make all of the big decisions – like where you will have the ceremony and reception, who your photographer will be, buying your dress…of course! And then comes the second piece later on when you have to make all of the small decisions – what color font do you want on your seating cards, what color napkins should you pick to match the table cloths, what color nail polish you will wear, etc. What most surprised me was how easy it was to make those big decisions and how easy it was to overlook all of the little ones until someone points them out to you (cough, cough…Emilie…cough 🙂 )

What was your favorite part of the planning process?
For me it was the very beginning and the very end. When you first get started, and you are tearing out all of those pages from the millions of magazines you purchase or receive from others, it is so exciting to just sit and imagine what the day will be like. And then when you get done with it all, and it is the night before your wedding, you can hardly believe it has all happened. After you wake up in the morning on the big day, there are so many emotions and you get moving with getting yourself ready, but once you step onsite for the first time and you see that it has all come together, that feeling is absolutely wonderful. Pause…and take it all in that the day is here!

What surprised you the most about the wedding day?
How fast it went! People always tell you, “It will be gone in the blink of an eye”. And you think the whole time, “Sure” but you’re not sure you really believe that. But it really does. The day flies by so you have to make sure you soak it all in, every minute, because it is gone before you know it. That’s not a bad thing though – Just something to keep in mind. In the middle of our reception, after all of the big events were done, I grabbed my new hubby and made him take a quick walk with me outside away from it all so we could just stop for a second and absorb what was happening to us. We walked on the outside of our venue and just watched the whole scene for a few minutes (not too long though!) and I’m so glad we did because I’ll never forget how happy I was to walk with him and have a moment to celebrate what just happened while we were still there.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding day?
First, let me say that there was nothing I disliked about the day. I enjoyed every second of it! So, if I had to pick a favorite moment….well I have two. The first one was at the very beginning of the ceremony. I arrived onsite first and was both extremely excited, happy and a bit nervous. Then, Emilie came in and told me Kevin was coming down the driveway – so I had to hide in the dressing room until the ceremony. And then she came back and told me he had arrived. Knowing that he was finally here was one of my favorite moments. Everything seemed to slow down a bit and I felt calm knowing he was close by – we were going to be married within the hour – such a great feeling! And the second moment was just before the doors opened to our reception. Knowing all of our friends and family were here to celebrate with us was so special. Once the doors opened – time to celebrate!

What would you do differently?
There are definitely things that I look back on and say, oh I wish it didn’t happen that way, but I don’t think I would change anything that I did. If anything, just try to be a bit more ahead of the game in my planning. But at the same time, I’m glad I had to make some last minute decisions because the lack of time didn’t allow for wavering on decisions or over analyzing the details. So, it worked out in the end!

Finally, what is your best best tip for future brides?
A wedding is about marrying the man you love with the support of all of those closest to you – don’t forget that when you’re trying to plan “your perfect day”. It’s not worth it to get so caught up in the details that you forget why you are there in the first place. You can have a perfect day without losing yourself in the process. Remember that all of those people who are part of your day (the cake decorator, the florist, the seamstress, the wait staff, your wedding planner, etc.) are all there to help you make it special – appreciate them because you couldn’t do it without their help. Kindness goes a lot farther when trying to achieve your dream wedding.

Thanks Lindsay for answering our questions!  You can see more pictures from Lindsay and Kevin’s beautiful wedding in the gallery section of our new website!


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