Random Musings

My laptop is finally back up and running! I have all my files, all my bookmarks, and all my emails back – thank goodness!

Plagiarism: The person who stole copy from my website has removed all the copied text. Some people have asked how I found out that this happened. I make a point to search copyscape.com at least once a month. Very good tool for anyone with a website.

Christine: If you will remember back in December, Randy’s Explorer turned into Christine. Well, this weekend poor Christine was in an accident. A UK co-ed tried to turn left through her in an Accord. Didn’t work. Everyone was fine but Christine now has issues with her fender so she is in the shop for a while.

Da Vinci Code: I am ridiculously excited to see this movie. I just watched a trailer I hadn’t seen. I must say when I first heard Tom Hanks was playing Langdon, I wasn’t sold but the trailers and teasers changed my mind. Ridiculously excited.

Reality TV: I want Chris or Katharine to win American Idol and the Hippies to win The Amazing Race.

Finally, don’t miss my friend Mark from Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants in Philly on Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? tonight! From everything he has said about the wedding, unique is an understatement! Enjoy!

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