Rakhee + Alex: 06.11.05

It was a lovely weekend although I could have done without the humidity and lovely sunburn that I am now sporting.

The Mendhi party on Thursday was amazing, I have pictures to share. The designs that the women were doing free hand were incredible – such artistry. I still have some of the henna design on my hands and people keep asking me what it is, so I have been explaining it quite a bit.

The Hindu and Jewish ceremonies were beautiful! This was my first experience with a Hindu ceremony and it was really interesting – lots of things to watch. Really beautiful, even if the fire made me a touch nervous. 🙂 As a bonus, the rain actually held off the entire day even though they were calling for 50% chance of thunderstorms.

The reception had a few hiccups but we got those figured out and I think everyone had a wonderful time. Great food, company and music!

I hope to have pictures to share soon – this wedding was an absolute feast for the eyes in shades of mango and red.

Off to find some aloe for this sunburn of mine!!

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