Rachel + Eric: 07.11.09

The Story
I talk to my clients all the time about finding a thread and pulling it all the way through the wedding – this wedding was a perfect example of that!  From the invitation all the way to the centerpieces at the reception, this wedding was scientific!

Rachel and Eric met while at Cedarville College – he was her science tutor for a year and their relationship just grew from there.   Both are going into science related fields – him as a doctor and her as science teacher.  Notice a theme?  Hang on, you’ll see more!

Rachel and Eric originally planned their wedding to take place in Columbus but when their venue closed unexpectedly last year, they moved everything up to Rachel’s home town of Cleveland.  The church Rachel’s family attends would serve as the location with Eric’s pastor from Columbus performing the actual ceremony – sort of the best of both worlds.

The morning of the wedding was humid and really, really hazy.  The forecast was for strong storms to roll through and then clear out.  Right after the bride and groom and their bridal parties arrived (separately) the skies opened up and it began to thunder and lightning and the sky opened up with a crazy downpour.  I was lacing up Rachel’s gown and the rain hitting the window pane was so heavy that it sounded like hail.  Would you believe that my bride was actually thrilled?  She said she prayed to have either a perfect day or have thunder and lightning.  She got exactly what she wanted – she got both!  Right before the guests began to arrive, the skies cleared and it became a sunny, blue-skied Cleveland summer day.

Since Eric’s pastor performed the ceremony and friends provided the music, every part was created just for the couple and it was extremely personal and touching.  One part that wasn’t revealed to many guests until the reception was that the first married kiss was also the first kiss this couple had shared – ever!  Rachel and Eric made a vow to each other and to God that the first time they kissed would be on their wedding day after saying their vows.  That kiss was one they had waited a lifetime for and it was obviously very special!

After the ceremony, the bridal party and families took pictures around Cleveland while we set up the reception at the Great Lakes Science Center.  Everything had that science thread running through – the tables were all named after elements on the periodic table and different locations that were special to the couple.  The placecards were test tubes filled with M&Ms – anyone who knows me, knows that I love fun placecard displays and this was one of my favorites ever!  The floral arrangements were in graduated cylinders and beakers as were the table numbers.

For dinner, the guests were treated to a little bit of everything with stations ranging from sliders and mini hot dogs to an Asian stir fry station to smoothies and Italian soda.  Each station was marked with a sign that was reminiscent to the couple’s composition book wedding invitation.  The Maid of Honor, also the bride’s sister, works for a bakery and so she designed the cake herself for the couple as well as the OSU football groom’s cake.  This cake was huge and quite yummy!

A little peek at some of the details from my camera phone so the quality is not so great – the pro pics will be significantly better!


After dinner, the dance floor was packed and there was even a rousing version of Thrilled performed by quite a few guests and members of the bridal party.  It was a riot!  I will also say that Rachel and Eric can really bust a move – they had a great time too!

In the end, if I had to pick one word to describe Rachel and Eric, it would undoubtedly be devoted.  This is a couple who is devoted to each other, devoted to their family and friends and most of all, devoted to their faith.  I feel honored that I was able to be a part of their wedding day –  a huge thank you to Rachel, Eric and their families for allowing me to be part of a wedding with great chemistry.  (sorry, but I do love a good pun here and there!)

The Elements
Planner:  Emilie Duncan Event Planning
Photographer: Gauper Photography
Paper Suite: Seedlings
Cake:  Michael Angelo’s Bakery
Reception Music: TKO Entertainment
Florist: Roses for Weddings
Ceremony Site: Cuyahoga Valley Church
Reception Site: Great Lakes Science Center
Catering: Aramark Catering

The Pictures
Coming soon from Ryan and Holly from Gauper Photography – I saw the preview and I promise they are worth the wait!

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