Quick Tip: Sunset Calendars

As we get into the darker months of the year and next year’s couples are in full planning mode, I thought I would share a quick tip about lighting and sunset!

As you begin to work on your timeline, make sure to check when the time of the sunset on the day of your wedding so you have enough light for outdoor pictures if you want them.  There are a lot of websites out there that will give you the exact time of sunset for any given day – Sunrise Sunset and Time and Date are two of my favorites.  If you want outdoor pictures, make sure you allocate enough time well before sunset or consider doing a first glance – your photographer and planner will be able to help with making that choice as well.

One thing to note – if there are different types of twilight listed, you should be looking at civil twilight.  Civil twilight is the time when we would generally turn on headlights – nautical and astronomical twilights are when the sun is already below the horizon and it is way too dark for pictures!


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