Quick Tip: Flickr

Once upon a time, brides and grooms would buy disposable cameras for each table at their wedding with a list of suggested shots to capture or just let guests have some fun with them.  After the wedding, the couple would spend a pretty large chunk of change developing the film to get lots of lots of badly exposed, low res, badly lit pictures.  Some would turn out great but some…well, how many pictures do you need of your friend’s boyfriend that she broke up with 2 weeks after the wedding anyway?

Nowadays, we don’t see disposable cameras much because pretty much every guest at a wedding has a camera on their phone.  Those cameras produce MUCH better pictures than those throw away cameras but it can be a chore to get those pictures from guests after the wedding.

Flickr makes it easy to give your guests the chance to upload pictures to your Flickr on the fly!  Simply set up a Flickr account and go to this page to get your upload by email link: http://www.flickr.com/account/uploadbyemail/.  Print out signs to place around the reception with that email address on them so guests can upload pictures during the reception or distribute small cards to send home with guests to they can upload pictures after the fact.

Extra pictures at no cost to you and your wedding budget?  Perfect!

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