Quick Tip: Eye Glasses

This might be a strange one but something a lot of people don’t think of – what will your glasses look like in outdoor pictures?

A good photographer will have no problem with regular glasses in pictures – they can mitigate (or photoshop) any glare or sun spots.  You might face an issue if you have Transitions lens (the kind that darken into sunglasses when they are outside).  If you have lens that become sunglasses automatically, you might want to talk with your Optician about getting some non-changing lens for the wedding day.  You could also see about finding a way to pop out the lens during pictures.

This came to mind as I was going through formals from a wedding while working on my 26 things list – the mother of the groom had Transitions lens and she stands out as she is the only one wearing “sunglasses” in the outdoor formal family pictures.  If you know a parent or bridal party member has these glasses, I would suggest talking to them about wearing non-changing lens or simply not wearing their glasses at least some of the formal portraits.

It might sound crazy but lens that change automatically will hide your eyes and given that so much emotion in a picture comes from the eyes, they need to be seen and not hidden!

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