PSA: Garter vs. Garter Belt

PSA: Garters are not the same thing as Garter Belts.

Garters are generally a simple elastic band made of satin and/or lace. It is traditionally slipped onto the bride’s leg and then later removed by the groom – otherwise it serves no real purpose.

Garter Belts are pieces of lingerie. They are worn around the hips and serve to hold up thigh high stockings that are clipped to them.

Now you may be asking yourself why would I feel the need to post this? For brides, shopping for a garter belt while actually looking for a garter would cause for some interesting confusion. Beyond that, I was watching a wedding show this weekend and the host held up a garter and called it a garter belt. He was using the terms interchangeably and it bugged me.

Yes, little things bug me.

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