Pretty sure that was a coyote!!!

Our house backs up to several acres of woods and we have a zip line for Truman – otherwise he takes off in the woods chasing deer and squirrel. We also have a flood light that vaguely lights about 1/2 the back yard well.

Tonight I took him out before heading to bed and heard something walking in the woods. I figured it was a deer, we have a ton around here. Suddenly Truman went still and something came out of the woods and is standing next to our shed about 20 yards from Truman and 50 yards from me. I realized that it was quite a bit smaller than a deer and began to call Truman to come back in – I am pretty sure it was a coyote.

Scared the hell out of me since back in April there were a few around Cleveland with rabies. I was able to get Truman back inside before anything happened but I am still a little freaked out – the thing was absolutely not afraid of me or Truman.

Poor guy is going to have to hold it all night because there is NO WAY I am taking him back outside!

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