Photography: Down to the Money

I once had a bride ask for advice deciding between two photographers – the basics of the situation:

  • Photographer A is a phenomenal photographer who has a lot of experience.  The bride cried while looking at the sample books and absolutely LOVED the photographer personally – they hit it off immediately and the bride said she felt like she was chatting with an old friend.  She said she could absolutely see this person at her wedding.
  • Photographer B is a less experienced but still pretty decent photographer with a good eye.  The bride liked the pictures she was shown but didn’t have the same emotional reaction to them as she did with Photographer A’s work.  She liked the photographer but it wasn’t an “old friend” kind of moment.

Okay, at first glance it seems pretty obvious which photographer she should book, right?  I mean Photographer A was AMAZING while Photographer B was just good.  Amazing trumps just good any day, right?!  Usually, yes but when dealing with weddings very little is as clear cut as it may seem.

When the bride first came to me, she listed photography as one of her top priorities.  She also said she wanted all day coverage as well as an album, some prints, parent’s albums and an engagement session.  To get all these things with Photographer A would have been about 2 times her actual photography budget but Photographer B would include everything she wanted plus some extras for right around her budget.

So, a little more complicated as to which one she should book now, huh?

After a quick conversation, the choice became clear and she booked Photographer A.  Why?  Because as I reminded her, you can always save up the money and buy an album and prints after the wedding if you love your pictures but it is really, really, really hard to fill up an album with pictures that are just okay.  She booked Photographer A’s smaller package and got the coverage and a small print credit which she will apply to an album in the future and she LOVES her photos.

Just because you can’t afford the huge package with your favorite photographer right now doesn’t mean you can’t afford their time and talent now and their products in the future.  I consider photography extremely important – don’t settle for pictures that are just okay when you could have amazing pictures that make complete strangers cry.

2 Responses to “Photography: Down to the Money”

  1. stacy able photography Says:

    What a great post!! I wish all brides would read this as so often for quality photographers they come back asking to match photographer B prices although they loved photographers As work and personality… then a year later sometimes they’ll come back for a trash the dress session as they didn’t love their wedding photos

  2. Elena Says:

    Great points, Emilie. I totally agree with you!