PFA: Sewing Kit

Today’s PFA item is pretty obvious and one you likely have already thought of – the sewing kit.

(Photo: Trip Needs)

While it is pretty obvious that you should have some sort of kit, making sure it is stocked properly is really important as well.  A few things to make sure you include:

  • Thread – include some to match the guys, the bride, the bridesmaids and for bonus points, throw in some thread that matches the mom’s dresses too!
  • Buttons – small, clear buttons are great but you may want to include some black ones as well
  • Sewing scissors with a sharp point – it is easier to cut stray threads with small scissors
  • Straight needles – for sewing hems, fixing buttons, etc.
  • Curved needles – sometimes called upholstery needles. If you are sewing someone into their dress, the curve makes it easier to do without drawing blood!
  • Invisible thread – if you are sewing someone into their dress, this is what you want to use!
  • Needle threader – nerves can make it pretty tough to thread a needle even for the most calm bridal party member!
  • Thimble – not the worst idea in case the sewing is on a heavy material like a bridal gown.  Also might save some blood stains on whatever is being worked on!

You can easily find pre-made sets that are great starting points, you would just need to add a few things in to make it Wedding PFA Kit ready!

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