PFA: Meds

Someone is going to have a headache, someone else will probably have a cold and nerves always unsettle someone’s stomach!  Having a small pharmacy in your Wedding PFA Kit** is often wise!


Considering buying individual packs of some basic meds and you’ll be covered:

Tylenol, Excedrin and Advil: headaches, body aches, sprained ankles. If you have any pregnant or nursing moms, make sure you include some Tylenol in the kid – they can’t take anything with aspirin in it!
Pepto and Tums: too much food and alcohol and nerves don’t mix well. Enough said.
Dayquil and Advil Cold: no sniffles during the ceremony!
Benedryl: allergic reactions of all kinds can be scary so having something on hand to help is a good idea!

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

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