PFA: Ice Pack

Sprains, strains and puffy eyes – all things a little cold pack can cure!


Stilettos and pictures in the park can sometimes be disastrous for the slightly more clumsy of those among your bridal party and some guys will roughhouse regardless of the situation so having an ice pack on hand isn’t the worst idea ever. Instant ice packs are also great for de-puffing eyes and cheeks.

I am not a pretty crier.  I get blotchy, I get red, I generally look like a mess even after the smallest cry.  I realized a long time ago that a little cold water will take care of that but do you really want to splash water on your professionally made up face?  I didn’t think so!  Enter the ice pack.  A little time with an ice pack (ALWAYS wrapped in a towel) on the eyes can help instead!

Throw an instant cold compress into your Wedding PFA Kit** in case of tears or clumsiness!

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

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