PFA: Deodorant Remover

As much as deodorant companies want to claim their products are clear and won’t stain, it seems like they always manage to smudge on clothing at the worst possible times!

(Photo: Gal Pal)

Picture your wedding day: groom in black and bride in a strapless gown – care to guess what happens?  Yep, deodorant all over him while you snuggle up for the lovey, “we just got married” pictures!!  Gal Pal to the rescue.  Just rub the sponge on the mess and it will remove any of the residue.

A little money saving hint – if you have any hangers from the dry cleaner that have the foam stuff on them to keep sweaters and slinky things from falling off, you can just cut that into pieces and stash that in your Wedding PFA Kit as well!  Works the same as the more expensive foam but is a lot more thin so you might need several pieces depending on how bad the stain is.

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