PFA: Chalk

Plain white chalk is a must have for your Wedding PFA Kit**

A little chalk will cover a lot of smudges on a white dress in a pinch.  Just color the stain/smudge in with the stick of chalk and you can worry about making the stain disappear later.  This is great for footprints on your train right before the ceremony.

Chalk is also fantastic for occupying bored flower girls and ring bearers (and possibly bridesmaids and groomsmen too).  Yay for multiple uses!!

**Wedding Prepared-For-Anything Kit (sounds much better than an emergency kit, no?)

One Response to “PFA: Chalk”

  1. Susie Swanson Fortner Says:

    What a great tip! I’m adding it to my ’emergency kit’ immediately. In fact, I love that you call your kit something other that emergency too. I’ll have to work on a new name for mine. Love your blog!