PFA: Body Tape

Body tape is basically double sided sticky tape that helps keep clothing in place.  You can get it on rolls or in strips like these:

(Photo: Hollywood Tape)

Hollywood Tape is one brand name that I have had good luck with.  If a dress isn’t quite fitting, this tape can keep you from flashing the room.  I have also used it on slingback heels that were ever so slightly to small – great for taping that back sling up and keeping it in place so the shoes don’t become flip flops!

Also fantastic for those super last minute fixes.  One time a bridesmaid caught her heel on her hem and ripped it out while walking from the bride’s room to go down the aisle.  There was NO time to thread a needle so we used this tape as a temporary hem!  The hem held through the ceremony, we sewed it up afterward and no one knew!

Great little addition to your Wedding PFA Kit and something you can use after the wedding as well!

One Response to “PFA: Body Tape”

  1. Katie Says:

    So many great products you’ve highlighted in the PFA segments! You have quite the arsenal of problem-fixers