PFA: Baby Powder

This PFA has several uses both personal and practical!

(Photo: Johnson’s)

Wedding gowns are heavy, they are usually thick and can be quite warm – especially over the summer!  If you are worried about being too hot in your dress, put some baby powder on before you put on your corset and dress and it will help to keep you dry under all that fabric and a lot more comfortable.

Baby powder is also great at soaking up oil – have a little grease spot or oil spot on your clothing?  Sprinkle baby powder on the spot and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then lightly brush the powder off.  Repeat as much as needed to absorb the oil.  DO NOT RUB – just completely cover the spot and let it do its magic!

Finally, a bit of baby powder on can mask smudges, footprints and dust on your dress and train in a pinch!

Multiple uses in one little container makes baby powder a must include for your Wedding PFA Kit!

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