Okay, THAT was not a good sound


The Good News: My laptop has returned from the mad scientist lab! She’s home! She has sound, the jack for the power adapter works, the battery is still dead but another one should be at the house in less than 2 weeks.

The Bad News: The power cord that plugs into that newly fixed jack so that I don’t have to have a battery apparently now has a short. Picture this: I was sitting on the couch happily booting up my fabulously rejuvenated laptop and all the sudden there is a semi loud POP, a crackling sound and a burning/ozone smell. I jumped up, unplugged it and threw it on the kitchen floor…don’t ask my why the kitchen is where it went but it is.

Yep, the power cord BLEW UP rendering the computer unusable until I get the battery and power cord in less than two weeks. This would only happen to me, by the way.

Ugh. I need ice cream.

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