Okay, okay, I hear you!

It has been rather crazy around here lately – getting ready for a certain 1 year old’s birthday party in a week and Liz and John’s wedding the following weekend! Lots of things to do and lots of projects – I will post pictures from both events once I get them in my hot little hands.

To keep you busy until I have time for a proper blog post here are a few new websites that I have recently discovered:

Foodzie – not launched yet but it promises to be to food what Etsy is to crafty things. Basically, they plan to give small, artisanal food purveyors a wider market and more exposure.

Swanky Tables Blog – A fun blog with lots of recipes, party ideas, decorating and more.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours – did you know there was a company that does zip line tours of the Hocking Hills area? Even though I am scared to death of heights, I might have to put this one on my to do list!

Bakarella – Someday I will have enough time to try to make their now famous cupcake pops, until then, I will just live vicariously.

There – now, no more yelling at me nudging me, okay? I am still alive – just working and trying to figure out where the last year has gone…I can’t believe my baby turns one on Sunday.

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