Non-Traditional Prelude Music: VSQ

This past weekend, Kasey from Bliss and I took a roadtrip to Cincinnati and had the pleasure of coordinating a fellow planner’s wedding!  Alison from Aviva Events married her longtime love, Seth at the Contemporary Arts Center.  It was a beautiful day and I was honored to be a part of it – I will try to borrow some pictures and post them for soon.

One of my favorite discoveries from the day was the prelude music which was provided by the outstanding DJ Toad.  Seriously, he was amazing – the dance floor wasn’t empty for a second all night.  And he travels to Columbus.  Just saying.

If you weren’t listening very, very closely to the prelude music, you likely would not have noticed it wasn’t your usual music.  There was no Canon in D, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring or Trumpet Voluntary.  There was ‘Nightswimming’ by REM and ‘Today’ by Smashing Pumpkins but I am willing to bet that most of the guests didn’t realize they were listening to instrumental versions of those songs.

A group called the Vitamin String Quartet has taken songs from just about anyone you can think of – from 311 to Adele to Elton John to Metallica to Radiohead to The Cure to Van Morrison – and done instrumental versions.  If you have always wanted to walk down the aisle to ‘Like a Prayer’ or ‘Jane Says’ but didn’t want your parents to flip out and grandma to have a heart attack, look no further!  Vitamin String Quartet has you covered.

A quick search iTunes produces literally thousands of covers of songs available – if you aren’t a classical fan or are looking for an interesting alternative to the traditional prelude and processional music, you must check out Vitamin String Quartet!

2 Responses to “Non-Traditional Prelude Music: VSQ”

  1. Alison Says:

    I loved our ceremony music! One of my favorite memories from Saturday is standing at my perch at the top of the stairs, spying on the guests and listening to our prelude and processional music 🙂 I only wish I’d been able to see my nephew’s face when VSQ’s version of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga was playing (his favorite song).

  2. Marit Says:

    Great to know! I will pass this on to my brides as well. I walked the aisle to an instrumental of Ben Folds and we used a duet from Johnny Cash and June Carter for our recessional. I love weddings with non-traditional music!