My wedding venue is closed! Now what?

I have heard from enough sources today that although it has not been reported in the media, I can pretty safely say that Corazon Club in Dublin is now closed. I got confirmation from 3 other vendors, a bride and a TV news reporter that the private club is shutting down operations. Sadly, this leaves a lot of brides with no venue for their wedding and a lot of money lost. Because of this turn of events, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about what to do if your venue suddenly closes up shop.

First things first, one of the biggest concerns when your venue suddenly shuts down is to get as much of your money back as you can!

If you paid by credit card
Call the credit card company as soon as you can and explain the situation to them. A lot of credit card companies now offer consumer protection especially in breech of contract situations such as this. Ask them to reverse, hold or cancel the charges that the venue has already put through. This is really your best option for recovering money.

If you paid by check
Try to call the venue and ask them the next step for getting your money back. There is a very good chance that they will not answer the phone or they will tell you there are no next steps. To put it simply, when a venue shuts down, individual brides are often very low on the list of creditors. Depending on how much money is at stake, you might want to talk to a lawyer. The harsh reality is the money is likely gone.

Moving On
Okay, so while you figure out the money issue, you still need to find someplace to hold your wedding! There are a few different plans of action depending on when your wedding is.

If you are 1 week or less away from the wedding
Reach out to the other vendors you have hired and see if they know of any openings at other venues. Start calling other venues to see about availability as well – you might not get your first choice but there will likely be someplace that can accommodate you.

Once you have a location secured, call or email every one of your guests (get your friends and family to help with this one) and let them know of the location change. If you are doing gift bags for the out of town guests, slip a note in there as well just in case they didn’t check their email.

Touch base with all your vendors so they know of the change of plans and any updates to the timeline to accommodate the new location.

If you are more than 1 week away from the wedding and have sent out invitations
Same steps as above – reach out and find another location but instead of having to call every one of your guests, have a small card printed with the new location and mail it out. Call anyone that you think won’t get it in time.

If you are more than 1 week away from the wedding and have not sent out invitations
Go back to the list of venues that you visited and liked and see if they are still available. Keep your other vendors informed as well and ask them for suggestions.

Good luck with the new venue searches and if any brides in Columbus that are affected by the Corazon closing would like some advice, you know where to find me.

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