More on DBS Situation

Discount Bridal Service sent an email to it’s dealers last night regarding the situation. The main part that I wanted to share is quoted below:

We have attempted to fill all orders in house for bridal gowns with the correct size, color and comparable value from our inventory. We know some brides will be receiving gowns they may not choose to wear but we are trying to make an attempt to diminish their losses……In terms of bridesmaid’s orders, there’s nothing we can do to fulfill these obligations. We have supplied each customer with the order number and necessary information to be able to call the manufacturers directly.

It looks like some brides with a bridal gown outstanding may get a gown that is similar but not the one that was ordered! As far as bridesmaid gowns, looks like those folks are out of luck unless they can contact the manufacturer and get it straight from them.

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