Mini Series: Focal Points – Below

Finally we focus our eyes down and hit the floor.

When it comes to the aisle, that walk scares some of my brides more than just about any other aspect of the wedding – I think it has something to do with all eyes being on them.  This is another bonus of creating focal points – it will feel like at least a few of the eyes are off you.

To be 100% honest, I am generally not a fan of traditional aisle runners (I have seen too many bridesmaids and guests trip and get tangled up in thin plastic runners and watched too many groomsmen struggle to roll those cheapies out) but I think custom aisle runners are pretty snazzy!  Hand painted or custom sewn with your design, these runners are heavy fabric that don’t slip, twist or trip you and your guests.  Your monogram or wedding logo as a focal point for the aisle ties things together and gives you a little piece of mind – maybe they are looking at the gorgeous painting and not how nervous you are!

Flower petals are pretty common but they make a great focal point – either along the side or blanketing the whole aisle.  I think the trick is not to skimp – if you want the aisle covered, make it a blanket and not a scattering.  There are lots of sites that sell rose petals and many have calculators that help you figure out coverage – if you want it to make an impact and make it a really point of conversation and focus, go heavy!

The dance floor is already a focal point – you will dance your first dance as a couple there, likely cut your cake somewhere around or on it and your nearest and dearest will toast your new life together on it – and of course, you will all get down and boogie on it – but so often a dance floor is just a plain old dance floor. There are things you can do to change that, of course!

Custom monogrammed gobos are simply plates that sit in front of a spotlight and shine onto your dance floor or a wall.  Surprisingly they are not expensive to have made and are really quite cost effective – you can generally get them made from $75 depending on the material.  From a single initial to a copy of your monogram, gobos look gorgeous during your first dance!

Wonderful Graffiti again!  Remember the monogram on the front doors that greeted your guests?  Put it on your dance floor as well and pull that focal point through.

Dance floors are often pretty plain – oak panel squares.  There are other options available now from most rental companies.  Lighted LED dance floors kind of remind me of Saturday Night Fever which may be why I think they are fun.  Imagine your first dance with the dance floor in your wedding colors!  They are still somewhat hard to find but more and more rental companies are carrying them – just ask around.   Another option for your dance floor is a black and white floor – completely classic and somehow modern at the same time.  These dance floors will cost extra above the dance floor included in most venue packages but if you are having a tent wedding and have to bring in a dance floor anyway – why not make it something special?


You have to have a floor, make it special. Hope our little mini series gave you some food for thought on focal points.  If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share in the comments!

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