Mini Series: Focal Point – Eye Level

Next up in our mini series on focal points is the walls and the doors of a venue.

Often ignored in the past, walls are now seen as an integral part of the decor.  Since they are often a blank canvas, there are actually a lot of things you can do with them to either make them disappear or highlight them!

If you have a blank wall behind you during your ceremony or behind the sweetheart table, you can always dress it up a little or make it a focal point.  One of my favorite ways to do that is Wonderful Graffiti.  They remind me of Colorforms – remember those?  They are thin pieces of vinyl that can go nearly anywhere and come off without leaving a mark.  The company has a ton of standard designs but they will create one to match your wedding as well.  I am not going to lie – they take some time to apply correctly but the results are amazing and totally customized!  Guests are always amazed that your logo or vows are a seemingly permanent part of your venue.

If you want to just completely cover up the walls or make a too big room smaller, fabric (or ‘pipe and drape’) is a great way to do that.  The reasons you want to cover up a wall are pretty obvious but why would you want to make a room smaller?  Say you are madly in love with a room that holds 250 people plus a dance floor but your guest list is only 125.  You can move the tables so there is lots of extra room but the room will feel cavernous and empty and frankly, cold.  If you add your own wall of fabric, you control how big the room is.  Not as complicated or expensive as it might sound.

Beyond the Wonderful Graffiti, there are tons of things that you can put on a wall as focal points.  I love the 3-D wall flowers – they attach to the wall with a tiny pin, barely leave a mark and can be moved and arranged as much as you like.  Obviously you have to take into consideration the type of wall you have – not going to work with brick.  They are only $37 for 25 flowers of various sizes so you could do multiple sets – huge visual impact, teeny budget impact!

I also love vases and candle holders that attach to the wall.  You could do a huge assortment on the wall behind your ceremony – half with single flowers, half with candles.  You can find candle holders that hold multiple tea lights but I am partial to the singles.  These all attach to the wall with nails or screws so be sure that your venue is okay with some repair work after the wedding.

The doors of the venue are the first thing your guests will see on the day of your wedding – more and more, brides are making them a focal point.  Why not make them as inviting as possible and part of your decor?

Wonderful Graffiti is great on doors, around doors, above doors – you get the idea.  If you have a set of glass doors leading into your venue, putting your wedding logo or monogram on them is a great way to dress them up a bit.  I think it is another sign to your guests that you have made the entire space part of your decor.

Round wreaths on the door are pretty common but why not mix it up a bit and use shapes – squares, triangles or monograms can all be lovely as door decor.  Flowers or greenery, paper, plastic or wood – door decor can be anything you can think of.  Don’t limit yourself to the most obvious choice (round and white) – think color and think shape!


Try taking those things we usually take for granted – walls and doors – and make them focal points. Next time we will talk about the floor – yes, floors can be focal points!

Photo credits:
Walls: Wonderful Graffiti, One Source Weddings, Shop Fosters, CB2
Doors: Wonderful Graffiti, Jamie Jansen, Wish Special Events, Pegeen

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