Mehndi Party Pics!

Thursday night was the mendhi party to celebrate Rakhee and Alex’s wedding. Mehndi is a 5000 year old Indian art that is all done freehand by specially trained artists. Completely phenomenal to watch and just beautiful. The mehndi paste actually reminded me of puffy paint. It is applied and takes about 2 hours to dry and stain the skin. Once it is dry, it is washed/flaked off and the henna stain remains. Depending on the skin tone, it comes out between red and orange. It generally last 1 to 2 weeks.

The bride’s hands and feet:

The detail was just amazing and so pretty. It turned out beautifully for the wedding, hopefully there will be more pictures of the mehndi when the pics come back!

A very cool experience – something I really enjoyed!

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