Meet the Interns!

If you attended or worked with us at one of our weddings this year or were at Cakes for a Cause, you might have seen my wonderful interns in action.  Now that we have a little break in our season, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to them so if you do see them, you can say hi!  I am thrilled to have them working with me and so proud to introduce them to you:

Huge thanks to Alison at Grogan Studios for these pictures!  Thank you also to Stacie from Pearls and a Black Dress for making us look good!

Name: Becky King
Major: Strategic Communication
Can’t live without: Friends…and ice cream!
Dream vacation: A trip to Paris!
Why did you want to intern in events: I love seeing ideas come to life! Weddings are such a great example of this. All of the work that goes into planning – the details, meetings, and phone calls are all worth it when you see how happy the bride and groom are!
Favorite part of a wedding day: The moment between the bride and her father before they begin walking down the aisle.
Biggest surprise about weddings: How casual the groomsmen and groom are. They are always joking around!








Name:  Laura Oeters
Major:  Human Nutrition with a minor in Business
Can’t live without:  My cell phone…and my family! {Emilie’s note: Diet Coke too – she’s an addict!}
Dream Vacation:  Any place that’s gorgeous, exotic-looking, and a beach where I can relax!  I’m addicted to the ocean and the soothing sound of waves.
Why you wanted to intern in events:  I love the detail-oriented aspects of event planning as well as making other people happy by creating and putting on an event just as they dreamed it might be.  Seeing the start-to-finish of event planning is also pretty gratifying and I did a few things at Ohio State that made me realize all of this about events.  I thought an internship would be the next best thing to keep learning about events and planning and to see a lot of different kinds of things.  So far I have not been disappointed!  🙂
Favorite part of a wedding day:  When the groom see’s his bride for the first time.  He always looks so elated, humble, and lucky and it usually makes me a little bit emotional…!
Biggest surprise about weddings:  Seeing the wide variety of things people show up wearing!  Some weddings have had a mix of guets in t-shirts and blue jeans (eek!) and in stunning dresses and suits.  I just always feel surprised to see all the different things people wear to the same wedding!

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