Looks like my parents are set!

Money Magazine has issued their Best Places to Retire report for 2006. Included in the top 5 is Holland, Michigan – my hometown! So the house my parents built in Holland is in the right place for their retirement – which, it turns out, is happening next week for my Dad!

This is the picture they have picked to represent Holland:

And this is the tagline for that picture:
“Traditional Dutch architecture connects its past and present”

Not that anyone outside of Holland would catch it but there is one slight problem with that picture. It isn’t of a residential area, it is part of the visitor’s center at Windmill Island. What is Windmill Island you ask? It is the home of DeZwaan – a 240 year old authentic working windmill brought over from the Netherlands in the 1960’s. It was the last one that was allowed to leave the Netherlands and was brought over brick by brick.

How do I know so much about Windmill Island? My job throughout high school was to give tours of the windmill and Klompen Dance for tourists. I don’t have any pictures scanned in so don’t get your hopes up but I did wear a Dutch costume and wooden shoe at this job. This was not looked at as strange either – only in Holland…

Congrats to my hometown as one of the 5 best places to retire and my Dad for being there when he does retire!

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